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My name is Frank Further. Further... It’s kind of ironic, come to think of it, as I’ve never left my village. Neither had my dad and his dad before him. It’s the same for everyone in our land since our four statues of wellness were stolen one night moons ago. Everyone seems to be cursed with numbness, immobility and indifference. Adventure, curiosity, audacity and courage are words that have disappeared from our vocabulary.

I was born in Porkville and, as sure as the gods made little green apples, I know I’m going to die in Porkville. Without ever leaving the valley. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice and pleasant lowland with green pastures, fruit trees, wild mushrooms, flowers and a beautiful little pond.
The only thing that disturbs the peace of this little haven are the mosquitoes and the fireflies. I hate these stupid insects and I sometimes chase them. I have to be thankful to them though as it is during one of my mundane bug hunts that I stumbled upon the entrance to a cave... Could this be my quest? A pig quest?
Experience one of the most incredible stories ever told on the Commodore 64: 5 large worlds to explore, hundreds of enemies and 30+ epic SID tunes that appear dynamically in this action packed platformer with puzzle elements intelligently woven in as the story unfolds.


  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Beautifully animated bitmap background and enemies
  • 200 screens across 5 worlds
  • Dynamic environment & weather
  • A dazzling 36 situational SID tunes
  • Cinematic cutscenes
  • Secret areas
  • Cartridge only (1MB)
  • Fully PAL/NTSC and GS compatible, with support for second fire button


A game by Piggy 18 Team
Code: Antonio Savona
Gfx and concept: Mauricet
Music and sfx: Aldo Chiummo and Gaetano Chiummo
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The say about APQ:

ZZap64 Gold Medal award: "A C64 masterclass in pixel art and animation",  "A landmark C64 title",  "A cast iron, nailed-on GOLD MEDAL", "It plays beautifully". 
BastichB 64K: "The graphics are absolutely stunning on so many levels",  "Mauricet has truly delivered perfection in C64 form",  "The sound is in a league of its own", "A Pig Quest is stunning". 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorPiggy 18 Team
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Tags2D, Commodore 64, Cute, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


Buy Now9.99€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 9.99€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

A Pig Quest V1.02 - Commodore 64 CRT format, with PDF Manual and mp3 OST 110 MB

Development log


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ciao. vorre comprare il gioco senza usare paypal. è possibile?

Any updates yet, when the physical cart will be released?


currently playing this as part of the book club on the New Game Old Flame podcast discord. Cant wait to bring it to the next episode! It’s really fun. 

Absolutely fantastic. Gameplay, animation, graphic, WOW!

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Stunning game.  Same computer, same graphic video chip, same CPU.
Can you imagine if this standard of quality and excellence had been available in 1985!?    Every new screen is a discovery of intricate pixel art (with hints of humour) .  The music has cinematic effects like wind, and rain noises.  The gameplay is fast and smooth: it doesn't glitch nor block.  and it falls (or jump) elegantly  from screen to screen.   VERY GOOD .   I cannot wait to see what happens to that evil resurrected brother in Pig Quest 2 <?>. 
..in one hundred years we might all be dead but this game will still be there, in some corner of the internet, as one of the shiniest example of Commodore64 gaming.     A masterpiece stays forever. 

Beautiful game! Brings back good memories. I work with English - BR Portuguese translation, are you interested? <3 https://itch.io/blog/498008/to-all-developers

Deleted 24 days ago
Deleted 25 days ago

Wow - not only your game is gorgeous and clearly a masterpiece but its pace and difficulty really took me back to the 80s :-O - I'm really loving it - congratulations

(come hanno già detto altri è probabilmente tra i migliori giochi per C64 *di sempre* - massimo rispetto)

Thanks Marco. Grazie! 


This game has excellent graphics, sound and music. Unfortunately, it's not possible so save if you are playing easy mode. So playing easy mode, you will have to finish the game in one sitting. And with one life. Other games calls this nightmare mode. This game is for good players, and not for casual players like me. If I knew this before purchasing, I would not have bought it. 

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In Normal difficulty the levels save _after_ you die, so you can finish the game in multiple sittings.

Please read the post before you reply. I am talking about easy mode, and the game won't save in easy mode. And this makes the game unplayable for me. And that's too bad, because the game is awesome in every other way. 


There is no difference between easy and normal...



First enemy encountered in LV1:
Easy - kill our pig in 24 hits
Normal - 16 hits
Hard - 12 hits

Ok, yes you are right, level 2 is almost impossible on normal... keep grinding I guess?


Good point. Playing on Easy only makes sense after beating the whole game on Medium. Only after unlocking all the levels.

Before that, Easy is not Easy at all.


I guess patching the game with cheats from the sceene is one way around it... but feels bad...

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I've already written it under the ratings, but here it is to read again to be on the safe side: 

What a jack of all trades at a time when you wouldn't expect such a blockbuster. It was definitely worth the wait and I would even say that from a purely technical point of view it's the best game since Sam's Journey, at least from a graphical point of view. There is so much attention to detail and graphically extremely impressive scenes, such as the burning houses in the second world, and splashing rain in the third world. A lot of value was placed on the animations of the game characters, especially the main character, who are just to cuddle. Unfortunately, the level of difficulty is quite high even on the simplest level, probably because enemies that have already been killed appear again and again in some sections of the game as soon as you enter the respective section again. In some sections they even appear again as long as you stay there. At least there is a display that shows the energy of the opponents you are fighting, which is quite unusual for C64 games, but extremely useful. It's also a pity that the save function only works on medium and high levels of difficulty and free saves are not possible. Some of the puzzles are quite tricky and at times a bit confusing, e.g. some doors are only opened after the enemies have been destroyed in a certain order. But that doesn't detract from the game and challenges experienced players all the more. And even then you are busy for at least 2-3 hours on average, since the total of five game sections are huge. We therefore give it an unreserved purchase recommendation and the full number of stars. 😎👍

Awesome game and for sure one of the best C64 games ever, even without scrolling! 😎 I would even say that from a purely technical point of view it's the best game since Sam's Journey, at least from a graphical point of view. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:28:51. There is also a 4 hour longplay starting at 05:29:55. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

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Amazing game. Seems to run well with my U64 standard board. Now, if I was younger with better eye-hand coordination, might make better progress..Enjoying it immensely.


Amstrad CPC user here who couldn't resist cheating his beloved machine with the wonderful C64 after watching the first videos of this game. Thank you for developing this stunning game. I couldn't stop playing every day until I managed to get to  the end and right now it has become one of my  top videogames for any 8 bits system. For the people who says it is hard my only advice is keep playing it, the game difficulty is fair and allows the player to keep perfecting their skills and honing their strategies to beat each screen.  The only "but" for this game is that after I have completed it I wanted more XD... I'll keep playing it in hard mode to see If I manage to beat it aswell.  


Congratulations to Piggy 18 Team!

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Can you make a change? So that Fire2 Jump works despite holding UP on the Joystick. And vice versa.

With such a fast game, accidental holding and blocking yourself from jumping happens quite often. And it can be frustrating ;)

We already implemented fire button two for jump. Make sure your emulator is set up in a way that fire button 2 is assigned to a phisical button on the joypad and you should be good to go.

(2 edits)

I probably wrote it unclearly. Fire2 works for me (real C64 and emulator), but.. Accidentally holding down direction UP blocks the use of Fire2 for Jump. And vice versa. This affects when playing with a gamepad. And not important when playing one-button Joystick.

I use gamepad on real C64, USB device to DB9 adapter. Fire 1, 2, 3 works.


For all the people with "saving to crt" problem... Why don't you implement "save progress to disk?"

That's a great idea in my opinion. Works well in Briley Witch Chronicles game. This can be done so that the record is transferred between successive versions of .crt. Between different types of emulators. And even between physical cartridges.


Incredibly great work!! Of course, creating a longplay for my channel was a must.

Congratulations, you make it look too easy. 

(1 edit)

I don't think it looks too easy, but possibly too easy for the player. It is not at all. This and many other longplays with savestate (like mine) or tool assistance (no one more plays here, but a program) on YouTube look like a children's birthday, even the toughest C64 games.

As soon as you play it without aids, the world looks very different ;)

P.S.: Now that I know the game well, I can usually play through the first levels at medium level of difficulty without any problems. Only the last level is definitely not that I just start and beat. This is really a  challenge.

Hi Piggy 18 team! 

Truly a C64 masterpiece! Beautiful, distinctive use of colour, great sprites and animation and it's really fun to play. Snappy controls, speed is just right and so far it's felt tough but never unfair, you always want just one more go! 

Props to all involved on what was clearly a passion project made with great care and attention to detail. Definitely C64 top 5 of all time and great to play a game that feels at once classic and modern. 

Just learned from the comments that saving level progress doesn't work on Easy mode, good to know. That would be my only minor wish for a change though, as I find 'easy' is really well balanced.

Anyone else playing on MisterFPGA? Wondering if on Med difficulty the level completion saves will save to the cart or only be valid for the current play session? 

Unfortunately, saving directly to easyflash is not yet supported on MiSTer's C64 core.

Thanks for your reply, I didn't know this so it's good to learn! 

I also play on MiSTer and have tried the new C128 and existing C64 core. Unfortunately without success. After reset/restart all progress is lost.

Deleted 36 days ago
Deleted 36 days ago


Hello Piggy 18 !

My name is Gabriel Turcato. I'm a native Brazilian translator, providing services in the language pair English <> Portuguese (Brazil). I would like to inform that I'm available to translate A Pig Quest from English into Portuguese (Brazil). That would be great for both os us, because I can apply my skills to translate something that I really enjoy, and your game will be able to reach a greater public, which can turn into more profit for you. Feel free to contact me through my email if you have any questions: gpturcato@yahoo.com.br.

Best regards and congrats for the awesome game.

It seems the .crt save does not work. Maybe you could provide a .crt with all levels unlocked so we don't have to keep the C64 powered on between play sessions?

it's probably a bug

It doesn't save when you reach a new level, but only when you die after that

Aha! Thx will try next time I connect my Kungfu...

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Playing on Easy mode also does not unlock levels. Only on Medium and Hard.

Works like you said. Thx.

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Just made a review, but I wan't to leave a comment too - this game is so amazing, thank you Piggy18 Team for creating such a marvel for our good old beloved breadbin. I am currently playing it on my Ultimate64 Elite (which also has 2 x real SID's - so I can hear the speech :-)) - but I also pre-ordered the boxed cartridge version from Protovision, and my original good old breadbin is waiting for that :-) This game is such a piece of beauty, it is not difficult to see how much heart, blood, sweat and tears going into making this pearl! Thank you for making this, and for letting us see that our Commodore 64 is still alive and kicking in 2023!

ps. I disabled the REU for the save option to work, but so far, it did not save any progress yet.. should it save the progress at random stages, or how does it work? Tried playing on easy and medium - I usually die around the part of the first level where you need to open those different colored "portals" 

It's probably a bugt. It doesn't save when you reach a new level, but only when you die after that. 

Playing on Easy mode also does not unlock levels. Only on Medium and Hard. That's what's intended.

purchased,but no CRT file came with the download,no idea what i did wrong.

(1 edit)

Did you get an email confirming your purchase? There is a download link in the email

I did just as you suggested,download the file and i only see the sound track apigquest_ef (security certificate) and the game's manual

(5 edits)


Its game, cartridge image format.

certificates have the same [.crt] extension

Your OS (probably Windows) hides the extension of  "known" files by default (eg windows certificates .crt) .

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Technisch sauber, motivierende musikalische Untermalung und grafisch ein sehr ansehnliches Videospiel.

Kein reines Jump and Run, sondern durch aus mit Rätzeln versehenes Spieleerlebnis. Schalter müssen umgelegt, Wege gelegentlich erneut erkundet und Sammelgegenstände gefunden werden.  Dazu noch einen Highscore. Einfach top!


Molto curato bravissimi perfetto pure dalla PS ViTA



So i bought it and started playing. I have only a misterfpga and with the setting as c128 or c64 works just fine. With cpu normal 2x/3x/4x all good. If i enable the reu 512k/2m/16m or georam 4mb, the game see the expansion but then it crashes after the piggy18 logo.

I understand that misterFPGA may not be supported but just wanted to inform you of the issue.

The game is nice and responsive, played on an old color TV.

(3 edits)

Crashes for me in Vice on the Retropie   :[ Right after the logo like you. I switched to the C128 emulator and it works great now for whatever that's worth :]


Good stuff.


Is it possible to download game updates when pre-ordering the boxed edition?


Yes. You'll be notified by protovision, or in any case you can reach out to their customer services if you missed an update. 

The latest version as the moment of writing this is 1.02


(1 edit)

Is there a v1.01 /v1.02 changelog?

(1 edit) (+1)

Ciao sarei interessato acquisto ,ma vorrei essere sicuro su quali emulatori funziona. Nel caso escono nuovi aggiornamenti una volta acquistato viene mandata la nuova versione? Non riesco a capire se si tratta di una versione completa digitale non sono interessato ad una versione in cartuccia .


La versione è completa ed è giocabile con un qualunque emulatore aggiornato, per esempio Vice in versione 3.4 o superiori. 

Il file è una rom in formato crt che volendo può essere anche trasferito su una cartuccia reale, come la Easyflash.


Grazie e congratulazioni ciao

Gosh.  Didn't expect this game to be so, piggin' tough!  [playing on Medium settings]  

(1 edit) (+1)

Medium is perfect for Speedrun competition




Speedrun mode is coming soon ;-)


And still playing, incredibly good game.Probably THE best jump and run for the C64 in my opinion https://twitter.com/papierzeit/status/1625545123122626563


First of all thanks a lot for your effort! I am interested in buying the digital version but I am not sure what I need to play it on a real c64. Could you please explain me? Thanks in advance


"Easy Flash 3" cartridge, or "Kung Fu Flash" cartridge, or  "1541Ultimate2+" cartridge.

Or buy the game on a dedicated cartridge on the Protovision website, this is a preorder .


Semplicemene incredibile grazie per il Vostro Lavoro, gioco fatto bene è riduttivo, ne aspetto volentieri di nuovi...

Hello! The game have issues on C64 with Ultimate-II+ cartridge.
Background music is not playing, and jump doesn't work (sometimes work when hitting "down"). Have you tested it on Ultimate-II+?

(2 edits)

Confirm this

Jump - Direction UP works on my U2+ but Fire2(potX) doesn't.
On 1.0 and 1.01 it worked.
No problem on Vice.

Hi. Up doesn't work, also background music doesn't play (just some noise).
Are you running file from the browser normally, or using EFIII as kernal?

I haven't noticed any sound problems. Real and emulated SIDs plays music.
Running from the browser

Okay so now i see what was the issue. "UP" doesn't work when mouse 1351 is connected to port 1. Problem solved, but consider to fix that in next patch.

(1 edit)

Hmm.. 1351 mouse uses potX/potY, and they are "common" for port1 and port2. The game uses potX/Y for additional Fire on Joystick port 2. (Fire 2 = Jump/UP)

Is it a game problem or more hardware problem..

Maybe you can't have a mouse plugged in and use the program (driver) for the Joystick with three Fire buttons at the same time.

Maybe the Joyride program from CSDB is able to test this.


(1 edit)

Just out of curiosity, where can I download the EFIII kernal?

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congrats on this fantastic achievement! truly a masterpiece of a game.

it's a very tough game.


Grazie ragazzi!! se continuo a giocare (e soprattutto a divertirmi ancora) è grazie a gente come voi!

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Truffle hunt :D

Impossible direction on real Joystick.
Vice, Keyboard.
Hold [DOWN] then [UP] together.
Search for truffles (left/right) ;)))


That's what that big nose is for! :-)


(3 edits)

Something strange. I downloaded v1.02 but I don't see any difference from v1.01

Besides the fact that the F1 key doesn't pause, it did in 1.0 and 1.01.
The F2 key now does UP/Jump

I downloaded it again and it's better

I think it was downloading the old 1.01 version despite the number being 1.02. Some kind of delay on itch.io or something

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